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From years of litigation experience in state and federal courts, the lawyers at Carroll Maloney Henry and Nelson, PPLC know what it takes to win.  We have extensive experience in complex litigation, and can help you through every step of the way. From the initial pleading stages through discovery, motion practice, jury selection, trial and closing argument, we have the experience and capacity to cover all aspects of your case.

Business Litigation

The lawyers at Carroll Maloney Henry & Nelson have experience litigating a vast array of business matters. From fiduciary claims between partners or other special relationships, to suits arising under the Business Organizations Code to fraud claims, we can handle litigating all of your large or small scale business matters. We are comfortable representing businesses in varied fields including Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Mail Order Food, Commercial Real Estate, Car Dealerships, and Manufacturing.

Creative Solutions and Remedies

When you have a complex problem, you may need complex solutions. That is why the lawyers at Carroll Maloney Henry & Nelson, PLLC do not practice law using a form book but instead look for creative solutions to solve your big legal problems. We have expertise in extraordinary remedies such as temporary restraining orders, injunctions, non-compete agreements, receiverships, and garnishments.


The lawyers at Carroll Maloney Henry & Nelson, PLLC can handle your large or small scale discovery and e-discovery needs. Our lawyers have successfully handled e-discovery of over 5 terabytes of data and millions of documents, including documents containing sensitive and HIPPA protected information. And while we still own an original Bates Numbering Machine, we now work with several e-discovery vendors to make sure your production is efficient, relevant, comprehensive, and protected.

Additionally, we have years of experience in conducting and defending depositions in large scale litigation, to secure the testimony you need to win at trial.

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